Duivenvoordestraat 79 A, 3012 PE Rotterdam


Artist book (envelope, 19 pages, 175x544 mm, digital printing), 9 letters, 9 different installations in my room; Barcelona and Rotterdam.

I began this project when I was living in Rotterdam. During my stay there, I asked for the participation of my friends and family from Barcelona to start the project. By mail correspondence, I asked these people to send me a letter if they thought they were in a situation in which I will take part of it if I was in Barcelona. The letter contained: name of people involved, date, place, and some material from this event or the space where this happened. After a while, I collected nine letters that contained nine different situations.
During my move to Barcelona, I reconstructed these situations, explained in the letters I received, using my room as space and all the furniture as material to make the installations.

Pictures of some of the letters and installations.