Every time before


Photographs by Gert Jan van Rooij

Time based sound installation; ‘Once a Closed Guarded Secret’, De Ateliers, Amsterdam.
24 hour delayed accumulative recording played continually for the duration of the exhibition, 8 condenser microphones, 12 speakers.
Project developed in collaboration with the sound engineer Adrià Martí Comas.

Photograph by Gert Jan van Rooij
Photograph by Franziska Mueller Schmidt

“What Eulàlia Garcia Valls presents here is, in one sense, a near-invisible, ever-accumulating sculpture. Its primary material is sound, and you are part of it: an unobtrusive arrangement of microphones records ambient events in the room even as her speakers are playing. What is playing, meanwhile, is something like a stack of days. The microphones document the presence of visitors while the exhibition is open, and every 24 hours an overdubbed layer will be added to the whole, such that the final recording is a three-week mille-feuille of chancy sonic incidents. What you hear is what happened here at the same time yesterday, and – a certain distance into the piece – on the yesterdays before.”2

2 Martin Herbert’s excerpt for the catalog of the exhibition ‘Once a Closed Guarded Secret’.