Instal·lar un fals sostre


Pictures of the installation during the opening.
Photographs by Carla Canovas.

Installation, variable dimensions (in relation to the space where it is installed). In the exhibition ‘Col·lapse 4: Instal·lar un fals sostre’ in Sala d’Art Jove the installation had 17 pieces of sustained ceiling; Sala d’Art Jove, Barcelona.
Extruded polystyrene panels, galvanized steel profiles, threaded rods, hanging forks, omegas, white paint, plaster, double-sided tape.
Project built with the support of Marta Archilés.

Instal·lar un fals sostre is a project that challenges the transition rules and construction regulations of the institutional exhibition space where it is located, compromising the relationship between institution, curators, artists and the public.

The project itself is an outcome of these regulations: due the construction legislation it is not possible to lower the ceiling of the entire exhibition room. For this reason, the installation becomes a transfer of these imposed limitations from the construction plans to the exhibition space. The ceiling is lowered till 1’60 meter in the places where it is allowed, keeping the original height where the legislation forbids the intervention. Through the originated corridors and the sustained fragments of ceiling the work affects the state and relationship of the bodies that habit this specific space.
This intervention not only forces a dialogue between the institution and the public; the formulation process of the project had implied a negotiation and friction also with the other artists that had received the Sala d’Art Jove grant, as well with the curators and coordinators of the same program.