Rooms of Now #2


All photographs are cortesy of Vleeshal.

Site specific sound installation; Arnelaan 6, Vleeshal’s public programe ‘Rooms of Now #2’, Middelburg.
A fake wall, a hidden room, an audio file inside of the room.
Project built with the support of Vleeshal and the sound engineer Adrià Martí Comas.

‘Rooms of Now’ is Vleeshal’s public program in which Middelburgers are invited to open up one or more rooms of their house for an artist’s intervention.
On June 2, my intervention in Yolanda and Harrie Roosen’s house comes up after visiting one of the rooms of the house: their studio on the first floor. This specific room is full of personal belongings that contain memories, things that are stored in order to be remembered.
Leading up to the show, I recorded the sound of Yolanda and Harrie inhabiting their studio, located in the first floor of his house. These recordings are played throughout the show inside of the studio (through two speakers). I blocked the public’s access to the room by building a fake wall in front of the door thereby making the space ostensibly disappear. The audience experience the installation from the corridor outside. The resulting work is an empty white wall with the audio coming through, different sounds coming from a place that the viewer can’t understand. The closer the viewer gets to the space the more they may discover it.