Jornada laboral


Photographs by Carla Canovas.

Sound intervention inside TRAFIC project’s van1
2 February 2020, 16h.
C/Camí de la foixarda, Barcelona.

In this proposal, I contrast an hour of my own working day within the cultural field with and hour of the working day of Eloi Rodríguez Romeu, located in the services market, questioning both through a sound intervention installed in the radio of theTRAFIC’s van. A sound recorder has accompanied Eloi and me in our working hours separately, recording one hour of the soundscape of each of us: Eloi while delivering and me while producing this artistic proposal.
During the show, located in the cabin’s van, the public has access to the two audio files, each one containing one of the labour hours. The listener can chose which one wants to reproduce, being able to switch to the other one if wanted.

Pictures of the event, where you can see the public inside the van listening the audio files.
Photographs by Carla Canovas.

TRAFIC is an exhibition cycle that takes place in a van and it always follows the same pattern: few hours of duration, according to randomly de- termined dates and located where a parking slot has been found in Montjuic mountain, in Barcelona.